Eating Healthy in this Crazy Life!



You have seen all the memes going around Facebook I am sure... but it isn't really all that funny!

How true though? We all want to have successful careers, great social lives, happy kids, clean houses, blah blah blah, but still have rocking bodies and excellent health. I have always believed that todays society makes it extremely hard to eat well; there are so many reasons to not make the time and so many easy ways to eat unhealthy. So to keep you from imploding from the stress of it all, here are a few of the ways I try to keep my healthy eating in check. 

1. Shop smart. Write out your meal plan for the week, and buy that food and only that food. If you have a dinner planned, and that food waiting in the fridge to be prepared, you may be more likely to actually eat it. Don't be tempted to buy the bad stuff, stock up on good wholesome food.

2. Have the RIGHT food easily available and ready to eat. Find 2 hours in the week (2 out of 168 total, yes you can do this...) and BUY, WASH, CUT fresh veggies and fruit. Have them either sitting prepared in one big container, or go one step further and divide them in to portions. "Moooooom I'm hungry..." sound familiar? Toss them a prepared bag of cut veggies, fresh grapes or berries and boom, whining stopped...for now. 

3. Make your staples in large quantities. For me, lunch this week was a quinoa salad, done greek style with cucumber, red pepper, tomatoes, feta cheese and fresh herbs (see my instagram  So, I made 5 days worth of quinoa at one time, and kept it in the fridge along with my cut veggies so every morning, in a pre-coffee haze,  I just dump a scoop of everything into a ziploc and out the door I go! I often do this with brown rice, couscous or other grains. 

4. Prepare for social outings. Look at your week ahead of time and see if there are any social events that will tempt you to eat unhealthy. This way, you have a goal in mind, if you eat clean and healthy until that date, then you can treat yourself and not feel deprived. After all, sometimes food feeds the soul, and it is okay to treat yourself! 

5. Freeze! Freeze! Freeze! Making a chilli? How about muffins? Maybe a big batch of soup. Make DOUBLE the amount you need (for just the 2 of us, usually one full recipe is more than enough) and freeze the rest in portions. That way when you come home from a busy stressful day and you have NOTHING to eat, boom! The freezer saves the day! You can even use your day off to prepare freezer meals...Pinterest in full of these ideas! Try this one:

6. Always have nuts readily available. I try to keep my jars of almonds, pistachios, cashews, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, etc. as full as can be so that if I am absolutely starvingggggg, (and those of you that know me know that is not a good thing *cue Hangry*) I can at least stuff my face with a handful of nuts, or throw a combination of them in a container and call it trail mix!

7. Always have fun tea flavours on hand. Find a few favourite tea flavours, and keep them at the ready! That way when you are craving dessert, feeling dehydrated, or want to "stress-eat" you can make a nice cuppa tea and just relax. 

8. Take a deep breathe. Seriously. You are going to have bad days, you are going to run out of time, you might even have a whole week that is just a write-off. OH WELL! Try to just shake if off and be better prepared for next week. Eating well can make you feel AWESOME! You will have higher energy, feel happier, maybe even lose some weight but it is NOT easy. It is a lot of work and dedication, and can often even add one more thing to the "to-do" list, but it is so worth it! Your body and mind will thank you in the long run! 


I hope this helps give you some motivation and helpful tools to make eating healthier a little bit easier in this crazy life we live. So smile and enjoy the ride, life has more in store for you yet! 

Candace <3