Client Testimonials

One reservation - worried about getting hurt or working too hard and being in pain all week!
You always kept the workouts just hard enough to feel a good workout, but not be sore in one place. You always listen when I said I didn’t feel comfortable doing a particular exercise. You would modify it to something else that worked for me.
— Mary Ann Debes
[Candace is] Encouraging without judgment, helps [me] with realizing the importance of exercise as we age.
— Gail Bentley
I have enjoyed the recipes you have passed along to
me, I would love if you kept doing that. Also loving your instagram with the
inspiration and food pictures and recipes and challenges around sugar. It keeps
me aware of my habits and helps to develop new ones.
Thanks for all the encouragement,
— Paige Kernaghan
                                              It worked for them, why not you?

                                              It worked for them, why not you?